The Value Of A Robust Timesheet Processing System

The accurate and reliable collection of data is not just an option in today's payroll and accounting world, it is a requirement.

Remember: No Data, No Payroll, No Invoicing - It's That Important

As your payroll departments must deliver in time and without error, eTimeSaver repays the initial investment by cutting the cost of timesheet processing significantly whilst the accuracy, reliability and increased features of the system also brings peace of mind to departmental managers, temps and clients alike.

Typical System Costs

All our clients are unique, with their own processes, rules and systems to integrate with, so it is impossible to provide a fixed price proposal until one of our consultants has spent some time understanding your business. We will discuss the options and provide a fixed price quotation prior to starting any work.  This quotation will cover two areas; the software itself and the bespoke development.

To quote for the software we will need to discuss:

  • What is your expected number of timesheets per day/week/month?
  • Will a single user system suffice or do you need the scalability of a multi-user system?
  • How many additional user licenses will you require?
  • Is web capture of scanned timesheets needed, perhaps to allow branch level scanning?
  • Is it possible to merge booking data to timesheets to distribute pre-filled timesheets?
  • Do you require a permanent timesheet image archive for search and retrieval?
  • Will a fax server be required to capture faxed timesheets?
  • Will scanners be required to capture paper timesheets?
  • Do you need to send SMS texts to temps as receipt confirmations or as reminders?


Depending on your needs it is possible to purchase the software for an entry level system, including fax server and support and maintenance, for under £10,000. More fully-featured systems with multi-user licensing could double this or more.

The development and integration of a full system requires a detailed specification to be created. This will document many areas including:

  • Timesheet design; can it be re-designed within our software or will an existing template be used?
  • Your data merge requirements for pre-filled timesheets.
  • Business rules and data capture workflow.
  • How hours are assigned to pay rates and how we can automate the rules for this.
  • Booking system look-ups and validation.
  • Pay and billing system export requirements.
  • Timesheet image merge requirements for outgoing invoices.
  • Custom alerts and reporting to temps, consultants or managers.


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