Simple Design For Ease Of Use

Design a new timesheet or template using your existing ones - the choice is yours.

Start with a blank screen and draw the form using the 'drag and drop' text and graphic tools, adding fields and labels as you go.

If you prefer, you can scan in an existing timesheet and overlay the structure on top to allow the system to capture your existing designs as well as new timesheets.

TeleForm will automatically recognise and process many different form designs. This means you can have different timesheet designs for different clients, daily, hourly timesheets and even expense claims etc.

Typical Form Components:


Constrained print fields

Constrained Print FieldeTimeSaver reads handwriting most effectively when it is laid out in a constrained print field, with one character per box.

Bar codes

Bar CodeMany industry standard bar codes can be read including two dimensional bar codes such as PDF417.

Choice fields

Choice FieldSet up simple tick boxes or multiple option tick boxes in a variety of styles.

Signature zones

Signature FieldVerify if a form has been signed or not.

Please click on the links below to see example timesheets.

Badenoch and Clark TimesheetPremiere People TimesheetMonarch Recruitment TimesheetAnders Elite Timesheet
Blue Arrow TimesheetAllegis TimesheetFreedom TimesheetMorson Timesheet


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