Accurate Verification For Confident Analysis

eTimeSaver Verification

In order to save time, effort and money when processing timesheets, you need to be able to verify information quickly and efficiently.

Is this name correct? Do we have a booking for this week ending date? Do the hours tally?

The eTimeSavers high-speed verification process allows users to capture and verify data from a completed timesheet in just a few keystrokes and a matter of seconds.

 Field verification

You can make instant decisions on borderline characters (is this 'Jones' or 'Tones'?) at the stroke of a key.

Enforce rules such as numeric or alpha fields. Complex rules such as time calculations, valid week-ending dates and address validations against the electoral roll can all be implemented.  Matching the timesheet to a booking record and ensuring it isn't a duplicate, whilst assigning hours to pay rates is all done during the high-speed verification process.

At the end of the day, it all means Mr Jones will get paid promptly as promised and you can bill the client swiftly meaning you will have productive staff and satisfied clients.

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